Nutrient Neutrality

Nutrient neutrality impacts 73 local planning authorities at a river catchment level, but does not necessarily impact the entire local planning authority area.

Where there is a nutrient issue, as deemed by Natural England, all development involving overnight accommodation is required to demonstrate the nutrients are being mitigated through removal elsewhere, for example, taking land out of agricultural production.

Where damage cannot otherwise be avoided or mitigated, developers need to propose new nature sites to compensate for losses caused by new development.

Ceres Property is able to draft and implement suitable heads of terms for their implementation. We also work closely with experienced solicitors who can provide appropriate contracts. Finally, we are able to determine specific, suitable payments to the landowner – a crucial element, as they can equate to a significant proportion of the underlying land value.

Ceres Property has set up the Green Development Database which currently consists of 185,000 acres and facilitates the introduction of developers to landowners, and vice versa.

But it’s not just a matchmaking service. It acts as a “one stop shop”. We work with our partners at Ceres Rural to help landowners appraise and implement credits for nutrient neutrality, as well as set out the requirements and costs of maintenance, management and monitoring. The Green Development Database then allows Ceres Property to present and advertise these Credits for developers to acquire, both off market and on market, via the Offsetting Marketplace.